Reverse-engineering Bauhaus paper artwork

These are stunning.

Ohhhhhhh, simply amazing! Thanks for sharing.


Great project!

This is valid - I’m working on some aspects of this project for a contract, so I can’t share them; but I will be posting some instructional materials eventually.

The answer really would be come to Berlin this July and take my course :slight_smile:


Omigosh…these are gorgeous! I can see years of work and experience in being able to create these, so I can only imagine how exciting it is to have such an amazing tool to help you achieve them.

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Great job!
Thanks for sharing.


Great work! Keep the inspiration coming our way!

Just wondering how the course went this summer - pictures?

Well unfortunately the Handwerkskammer Berlin canceled the course - due to some complications to it being at a UNESCO world heritage site - however I did some other work with the Bauhaus Archives as part of the Bauhaus100 centennial celebrations… here’s an article I wrote about that which was published this week:

I’m going to be teaching some of these things this semester at the University of Akron as an artist in residence, and it looks like we may be on for another course next year in Berlin again. So fingers crossed :slight_smile: