Revisiting PU Leather

Ok, so I saw a couple of very old posts re: PU leather…thought I would raise the question again since I’ve seen conflicting opinions on the web overall. Has anyone engraved it? Or is it considered dangerous and needs to be completely avoided?

I ordered some valets (catch-all’s) to engrave for a friend this week, & didn’t even notice the PU part until now (UGH).



If it’s truly polyurethane then it falls in the “toxic fumes” category (like pretty much everything), so if your ventilation is properly setup you should be fine. But be careful, many artificial leathers are PVC, which would be very bad.


Haha! I thought PU was for “pull-up” and was trying to figure out why that would be a problem. I’ve obviously been spending too much time looking at leather… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isn’t PU a colloquialism for stinky? That would speak to the fumes. Pretty unpleasant.

I have been using the Saddle Collection stuff from JPP, which is a synthetic leather designed to be lasered and, can recommend it (it’s not stinky …).


Any leather that is not stinky is a winner in my book!

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That was my first thought too! :joy: P-U.

The product description says:
“ SAFETY: Non-toxic and non-irritating smell. Meanwhile, this tray is not easily affected by moisture, mold, mildew and staining.”