Revolution ply

Hello there… Does anyone have suggestions as to settings for the Revolution Ply from Home Depot??? I am still a super newbie and am still trying to figure out how to do settings. It is not listed in the document at all.

Thank you in advance!


Take some time to learn to dial in settings yourself – other people’s settings can be really hit or miss. My favorite is @evansd2’s method. It only takes 1/2" of material and lets you get your settings perfect! See #6 here:


It’s similar to Lauan (more commonly available at Lowes) - and not ideal for use in the laser. It’s designed for underlayment and cabinetry and, as such, often contains huge voids or filler between the visible layers, which leads to cutting or scorching issues.

I used a fair amount of Lauan early on, but no longer buy it as the hassle vs. slightly higher cost of, say, Columbia Products Purebond (which they sell in Glowforge-sized sheets) is just not worth it.


thank you!

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ok thank you!