RGB Uplights

I made these RGB uplights for my office. I wanted to add more color to the space. After looking around online, none of the options on amazon fit the style I wanted. So instead of buying lights, I made these. They are walnut plywood with a lamp base inside. I used RGB bulbs that are Zigbee so they are controlled through our smart house. I am overall super happy with the design. We have a video on our channel that shows how they were made and how to get the files if you want to make these yourself

Thure - When Geeks Craft


You make it look so easy. I may have to try something like this!


This really is a simple project! Its fusion that makes it look way more complex than it really is :slight_smile:


Yeah, the extra hardware has always seemed daunting to me (just because I had no idea what to use). But you lined out all the pieces needed and make it seem so simple.


Love the result and the video!


thank you!

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beautiful work.
Laser cutters are so awesome!


What a great project. A few of these would be super handy for accent lighting for dressing up any space for a special occasion too. Nice and compact.


Great result, thanks for sharing the video!


These are really great! So cool for special events.


Nice clean designs and looks great!

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Theses are great, Hmm, maybe my son needs some fo his music studio!

I was collecting these for my own reference, but I thought others would find it useful also!

These are the items mentioned in the video:

(Couldn’t find the exact model, but you can use any light you want.)

(Being lazy, I found a kit for the lamp rod.)

(I think this tape would work.)

Thure, thanks so much for the instructions and how you did this. This really inspires me to try to make my own!


That is really slick. I am with you. I love the look of Walnut. :slight_smile:

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I ended up throwing one of these together for a smaller Hue bulb.

I placed it behind my monitor on my desk.

I used Thick Basswood Plywood. Here is the design I threw together if anyone else wanted to try it. It all fit on one piece of plywood.
Small Lamp with half reflector


I’ve had a Hue Ambiance Go behind my 65" tv for several years. At night it casts a warm red glow which provides enough light to walk around by.

They were expensive but I got mine as refurbished for a fraction of the cost.


I have a “Hugo” too…behind my Sansevieria plant. I change the color during the holidays.


Backlighting can be really effective and add some ‘coolness’ to otherwise uninteresting spaces. Nice build.

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I’ve got a Govee kit backlight for my living room. So much cheaper and simpler than the Philips hue solutions buuuut it is a Chinese company so who knows how interested they are in my data. But it’s pretty. I don’t have the kit with satellites.