Rhino 6 -> GFUI

I know there are a few Rhino users here so figure I would post my “work around” for exporting directly to the GFUI.

So first off you need to be using Rhino WIP, this allows you to save as SVG. in the save as dialog I set to vector, output color to display color and need to scale it to 1.33%

Next you need to open SVG file in a text editor and remove the part here that is highlighted in red

So this works for now, but seeing as both programs are in beta who knows for how long.


I tried getting the Rhino 6 WIP to save an SVG without that section of code (or put in more appropriate information), but also wasn’t able to.

I do hope they get it working better, all the settings are there, is seems they just need to actually transcribe them into the SVG code.

I would also suggest bumping up the Resolution to something higher, say 1000 DPI. Maybe more. It hasn’t had much of any impact on the size of the few files I’ve compared, but it has made a couple of them look significantly better.

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Got excited to see an easy workflow from rhino… but alas this seems to be broken.

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I have been in contact with Rhino, they are working on it


In the meantime, exporting from rhino in dxf and importing into Inkscape (free) and saving as .svg is pretty quick and painless after doing it a couple times. Still, yeah, better if it’s direct.

Yup this is what I have been doing mostly, every so often something gets goofy.

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