Rhythm Tiles


Here it is, my first file. I am hoping for good feedback and I am hoping the file will work. I was sitting with my 5-year old in music class, and his teacher has these laminated cards of different lengths teaching how to count. Instead of quarter notes and eighth notes they do beetle, butterfly, caterpillar, grasshopper, bug, and slug… but they also learn the relations. I acknowledge a more thorough design would include storage for the tiles; but this much was pretty good for my first inkscape effort.


Me need readable file RAH! :wink:


Chuckle! Me too!

Try putting it in a zip file first. That should work.


Ya uploading a svg is not fun you have to upload it and re do the tag using the uploaded file name

Ugh my phone isn’t allowing me to copy paste the code right now when I get home I will include the code. I have also posted it on the forums before if you want to try searching


It will show as an image. But if someone clicks on the image, there will be an opportunity to download. This feature got enabled recently. I used it the other day. Try it.


OK, I got the file uploaded.

Cut in anything you feel like: wood, acrylic, etc. It’s 2-D.


Nice job!

I have no musical ability beyond an enjoyment of songs that I hear, but my sister is a music teacher…she can probably use them!


Another option would be to engrave the 4/4 and 3/4 text but cut out the holes in which the tiles sit and use a backing piece with smaller finger holes to pop the tiles back out if using the same thickness material.
More like one of those shape puzzles with a frame…


I had that initially - sans the finger holes - and decided to go with one fewer sheets of material; but it would be pretty simple to go back to that.


Cool, but … everything, or just about everything, is available in digital form, so where are the milli-quavers?


well, this is simple stuff intended for the preschool music class. The High School edition might have a few more pieces…


Very cool! Might be good for adults too–my husband is a bit rhythm challenged when we do music. I blame his childhood organ teacher, who emphasized chords at the expense of learning to actually read music.