Right-Angle Gluing Bracket


I am not sure if this will be of use to anyone else but, I made a right-angle gluing bracket. These can help hold a couple pieces at 90 degrees while the glue dries. The corner is cut off to keep it out of the gluing area. Flat surfaces and a circular cut-out provide places to attach clamps. I used (silicon) rubber bands in place of clamps in the picture. Each of my brackets is two layers of 1/4” Thick Draftboard, stuck together with a ridiculously sloppy glue job.

Right-Angle_Clamping_Bracket-2x.svg.zip (780 Bytes)

Calling all smarter n' me's

Ooooh! I can use one of those! I’ve got a rt angle clamp but it’s too big for most of the little boxes I do. :grinning::+1:


Awesome could be use in many ways.


Thank you!!


Hey thanks! I could really use those. I made something for the same purpose a long time ago but they didn’t work very well. Your design is much better.


I have been using 123 machinist blocks but these could come in handy, Thank you,


Really nicely done! I’ve been needing something like these for some woodworking projects. Thanks for sharing!


I got my sets done! :sunglasses::+1:


I did something like this, but 3d printed, and included captive neodynium magnets.

You could probably do the same, make this three layers, and in the center one have a hole cut out to hold a bar magnet.


I’ve made several of these on the cnc but never thought to scale them down and do some on the :glowforge:, good idea!


I added some .25” holes for dowels to help with a smooth glue-up, and made beefy versions… they work!


Very nice! Thank you so very much for sharing your file!


Thanks for sharing the file. I’ve already made a set!


Or…They could be used as mini stealth bomber pins or refrigerator magnets :wink:


This is totally on my to do list. The idea that you can use this tool to make others to help you make other things easier is ace!


Thank you for this file! I had just asked about something like this and this post was linked for me.


Great project, I was looking for something like this!