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So southern Ohio weather is crazy. We somehow got a really nice day for most of the day yesterday. Temperature in the upper 60s! Today however it’s cold and rainy/snowy…figures.

However, while working on another project yesterday, I was able to bust this little sign out for the Administrative Assistant at work. She’s been begging for a sign for a while now :slight_smile:

Little laser work then made some simply “legs” for the sign. Turned out pretty alright for some scrap lumber I had in my shop. The sign was very well received by the whole office.


Classy and beautiful.


Thank you. I thought about going back and putting a bit of stain IN the engraved area, but, ultimately ditched that idea

That’s the beauty of masking - a perfect mask cut by the laser. A high contrast paint can really make it pop, but I learned that the engrave opens the grain of the wood which can allow the grain to absorb the paint. Solve that by using a small artist brush to paint the edges of the engrave with a clear.
Your right though, engraved text stands well on it’s own.


Here is what I mean by the paint bleeding into the grain.


So you paint the clear coat on first, then do the color coat?

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Seems like the clear would seal the grain and prevent stain from weeping into the surrounding areas of the engrave.

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Nice work!


I use a thin coat of shellac on engraved wood before I paint color in there. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Not bad for about an hour from start to finished product lol

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Well done.

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Thank ya!

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