Rings made of acrylic


Laminated acrylic to make the shanks of these rings then lasered after laminating. The Punisher one has a layer of clear between the black, not just open space. Engraved then solvent welded the toppers to the shanks.

It was so much faster and easier to cut these with a laser than making them by hand like we did 25-30 years ago in shop class! :slight_smile:


Impressive Green One. I still get into epic battles with the solvent glues. :+1:


I’m kinda glad my workspaces/ work surfaces are so beat up it’s unreal. I’d be upset if I had a nice fresh white surface with a big red streak of liquidy-melted acrylic smudged into it. :smiley:


Those are cool as hell. You could make a buck or three at a con I wager.

I’m thinking watch battery + led + acrylic = Green Lantern.


gotta be careful selling others’ ip, though.


They still take too much time to sell at a reasonable rate, for what they are.


Absolutely. I’ve always wondered whether every vendor at a con had proper licenses.


Pretty risky to show up without licensing in place. I mean, some of those people are charging for autographs, they wouldnt blink at snooping out IP infringers.


You make the coolest stuff!


Thank You!

Laser cutters scratch an instant gratification itch that a 3D printer just cant touch :smiley:


Any issues with the heat so far?


So far my longest job was a 1 hour engrave and no, I have not had any issues with the temperature. Thermostat is on 78, actual air temp is at 76 in this room.


Cool idea! My kids would flip over that spider one.