Rising Tide

Pre-release units are being delivered with increasing frequency, and anticipation for production deliveries is building as a result.
I foresee an eruption in this thread on the horizon, as hundreds, and then thousands of glowfolk realize the vision that inspired them to throw their hard earned cash after the promise of a state of the art desktop laser.

I am confident this time, the light at the end of the tunnel won’t morph into an oncoming train. Long road we have endured together, and now the wait grows short.
There are a couple of minor details to finish for my laser installation, and now is the time - the time is now. :sunglasses:

Just wanted to thank the team for their hard work on making this happen! :+1:


Uhhh, yeah, and it’s getting to be a bit difficult to capture all the goodies for the Weekly Highlights Summary.

Everybody slow the heck down! ROFL! :smile:


I know this is only partly funny on your part. There will soon be a time when you cannot do the weekly highlights. A month or two? Heck, there will soon be a time when few of us will be able to read all the forum. I say, “Bring it on!” - Rich


OR, @chrgeup , we will be so busy making stuff that there will be ZERO posts on the GF Forum!!! :-)))

That’s my greatest fear.


Not going to happen. We are a bunch of braggarts and will blow up this forum.


I’m going to be laughing and smiling all day about your comment @markevans36301


I dunno, with the time it takes to do an engrave, I anticipate there will be windows of opportunity to share our revelations - once we get past the staring at the focal point. :wink:


I don’t know about braggarts, but just wanting to share experiences an “art”. That’s what friends do with each other. I think because we’ve shared this wait and become a pretty close community, I think you are right…the forum will blow up. Will Discourse be able to keep up? - Rich


I go through this with every machine. After a while, it will be more “can I make a sandwich before engraving is over?”


I use “braggarts” somewhat tongue-in-cheek. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your creations.


Lol @printolaser Staring at that fast moving laser will probably occupy a lot of my time! I watched our new clothes washer, the new kind without the middle adjustor, do its business for awhile when it was new! And of course, I did the same with my CNC machine as the router raced around the table.

Some of us are easily entertained!


Haha, yes. I had to watch our new front load washer the first time we used it! The laser will be infinitely more entertaining!

Edit - @timtsuga (snicker) apparently we are brethren. :sunglasses:


Yes @printolaser !!! Also, I tend to disassemble all the new machines and tools I buy after I have tested them, just to see how they work!! I hope you don’t have the same “sickness” that I do. I usually end up with extra parts / screws, but the machines always end up working better afterwards!

I don’t think I will do it with the GF to avoid warranty issues!


I have to still constantly pull myself away from watching my machines. When I do I find myself just working on more things to send to the machines to make. Its a great cycle =)


@takitus You just invented perpetual motion!!!


Had a T shirt that said ’ if you take something apart and put it together enough times eventually you will have two of them.'
I normally wait until they quit working or exhibit a new behavior/noise before eviscerating them… But yeah, I am also afflicted.


I just told @chadmart1076 the other day … You all in the forums are a huge ego boost, it’s so much fun sharing projects with you all! As ecstatic as I’ll be for you guys to start getting your machines I’m going to be pretty sad when you don’t need to see my projects anymore to get your GF fix :wink:


ROFL! @printolaser

I grew up in the industrialized state of Michigan, loved to go to factories to see how stuff was made. I think all the business owners celebrated when I moved to the West coast because their machines were now safe from my desire to take all of them all apart!


I would wager you have shared a similar experience with me when something stops working, you take it apart and when you separate the halves a spring bounces off of the far wall.

Once the search for the missing spring concludes, you have to take all the pieces, lay them out and figure out where that spring belongs based on what the assembly should be doing.
Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?


I’d love to see some kind of Glowforge sponsored Made on a Glowforge monthly design challenge. Not that I could design something that could win such a contest but it would be great to push boundaries and see all of the fantastic designs that people come up with.