Rock tumbler from an old printer

Wanted to share a quick evening project!
Work decided to throw out an old inkjet printer so I snagged it!

Not only did I get a few motors, buttons I can unsolder from the boards a LED number display for future projects I also took a USB power source and made this!

Only thing left to do is to build a container to hold the stuff I want to tumble! Most likely it will just be a peanut butter jar or coffee can!


For gosh sakes man - that’s no way to treat your wine! :smile:

Cool project though…I just got rid of a couple of antique inkjets. Should have held on to them.


I’m surprised how much I salvaged! Tons of gears, screws, rods and electronic bits I can use for future projects!


Dude, that’s awesome. Well done!!

I thought I was the only one who did things like that…was feeling like a hoarder! Now I feel at home :slight_smile:


And I thought it was a rotary attachment for the Glowforge…


I know that a rock tumbler smooths rocks, but will it smooth out the taste of the wine? :wink:


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I’m thinking self feeder for the pro GF.

Great extension of up cycling things, even taking it down to the tiny bits. I still can’t do this. I was traumatized in my teens when my Dad would always make go along to pick up old TVs at the curb. Teenage friends seeing this scarred me for life. Dad did make some pretty nice storage cabinets though. We always had an assortment of screws also. The old TV chassis always had tons of little screws. He’d sit in front of our TV breaking them down. I guess Dad was a pioneer in up cycling and I didn’t know it!
I think I still have a box of vacuum tubes in the basement. May be able to get savvy enough to decoratively light them up some day.


I have a couple of old printers and hard drives I was going to throw out. Now I think I will be saving them for parts for future projects. Thank you for sharing that.


I was the type of kid that if you gave me a piece of junk and a screwdriver I would take it apart. I remember being under 10 years old and taking apart walkmen, stereos and old computer stuff and just not remembering what went where and having to ask my parents for help putting whatever I took apart back together. I guess that side of my childhood never died :stuck_out_tongue: