Rocketbook Mini Page Template

This is so cool! I love the Rocketbook cards - I write notes to myself, then erase when I am done. This is great because it would be it’s own hard surface instead of the bendy card. Thank you!


I’d never heard of Rocketbook but like others, was curious. I dipped my toes in by buying the smallest notepad they make for about $11+. It’s been interesting to see how it works, but I find I’m not using it enough to justify buying any more of them. It does however interest me in using white board because I still have some of that around.

Rocketbook seems like sort of a redundant technology, to me. It overlaps other means of getting the same result. One thing I don’t like about it at all is that you need to use a ‘wet’ thing to erase them, whereas a regular white board doesn’t need any moisture.

Thank you for the page template!


It’s a solution looking for a problem. I am trying to do better about record keeping.

These days I am so connected that doesn’t make sense for note keeping. But I am trying to come up with uses. I have one on my craft table that I am using for measurements and notes.

Maybe one for the outside freezer to track what I have and take a photo of that?


I’m getting ready to fly out of town this weekend. Rocketbooks will work when you have to turn your phone off :slight_smile: