Rock'n cutting board

So, I got another new toy this season that I’d planned to use along with my Glowforge. I’d seen some fun designs for guitar shaped cutting boards around the interwebs and wanted to make one for my brother in law who is a musician. First I did some test cuts of 3/4" plywood.

Since that’s a bit thick for the Glowforge I used the Shaper Origin that came in the mail recently. It uses SVG files live I’ve already been using for the Glowforge. My daughter and I made these SVGs by tracing a guitar picture we found on an image search. I then did a cut out of 3/4" maple after verifying it worked as expected on the scrap wood. I then was able to take that and put it into the Glowforge for some detailing work.

Turned out pretty much as I’d hoped it would. Some mineral oil brought out the burl in the top corner nicely too. I’m sure my brother in law will enjoy it :slight_smile:


I got my email today! so looking fwd to adding this to the orchestra of maker toys!

Oh, and great job.


Very very nice. I’ve been seriously eyeing up the shaper tool. Such a cool device.

This new wave of smart tools – including the GF – feels like a revolution in the making.

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Now you know, I would never apply a knife to something that cool! Great job! :smile:


Sweet collaboration! The mineral oil adds a great finish.

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Beautiful board!

Question about the Shaper – looks like the fiduciary tape is on separate boards. Is that a hack to save on tape? The demo I saw at BAMF '15 put the tape on directly on each item. This seems more elegant / cheaper. :+1:

The op will be able to give a better answer as he has it in hand but it is my understanding that it is all about where the camera points. So for larger pieces it will be necessary to sacrifice tape but not for small jobs.

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