Roll Call Northern NV-Nor Cal

I was just wondering who else is in our neck of the woods that has a GF also? We are in Reno, NV.

I’m about 2 hours north of Sacramento. That being said, there was a user map circulating the forums some time ago.

Here: Glowforge Map

Only users who elected to display there location are on the map.

Thanks for the info. As a child I lived in Sebastopol but that was 40+ years ago.

I’m about 20 minutes west of Sac, in Yolo.

San Lorenzo, CA (south of Oakland)

Bay Area here :slight_smile:

San Jose.

Wow there seems to be quite of few so close to us.


Somersett Community?

The Del Webb community at Sierra Canyon… East Verdi exit off of I-80. BTW does your username signify that you’re from Vegas? I moved up from there four years ago.

About 15min down the road from us!

East Bay/Tri-Valley here, my GF was just delivered yesterday!!!


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