Roll-Media ID Inserts


A lot of what I do at work involves material on rolls with a 3"-diameter core; Vinyl, Poly, Paper, Canvas.

To help keep myself organized, I designed a little core-insert to label them. I “designed” it in my head about 18 months ago. I had never gotten around the actually putting digital-pen to screen-paper. So I built this while my first project was printing.

First version in purple on the left, fit but was a little tight. Also, I put my engraved label in the handle cutout, 'cause of I’m S-M-R-T. Second version I enlarged and cleaned up the cutout for the “spring” and rounded the other side of the base for easier insertion.

Made a few more, these with a cutout of my skullymask & crossed brushes logo, since these inserts don’t need to be solid and I wanted to maximize my material.



Brilliant! And the kind of thing that you would think you could do by hand, but getting it right would be a serious pain.


What an excellent idea!
Simple, innovative and it looks very effective


What a fantastic way to keep track of everything! (Totally jealous of that vinyl supply, too.)

Very sharp! :grin:


That’s great! I love the “spring”.


Subtle brilliance.


The little cutouts will probably become lapel pins or fridge magnets.
I think they’re pretty cute.


These are great! I could use something like these for my smaller tubes of fabric stabilizers which I use for machine embroidery. Would be much quicker to identify them.


Genius idea, I would look to see these for sale on a sign supplier site.


Looks like you have a good handle on the design process (pun intended). Great idea, great result!


Man! You roll some fatties! You needed to create your own tool for them! Nicely done!