Roll Tide! Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama

Another requested model, this time it’s the Bryant-Denny stadium at the University of Alabama.

Eight layers of Medium Proofgrade Maple Plywood, using a standard 6” square base but this model does not incorporate alignment pins. Instead, since there are circular ramps at each corner of the stadium, and since these circular elements are included in the design, the circular cutouts are reused as alignment posts during assembly.

This is the second model which I have used angled grandstand elements, which I will likely continue using going forward.


Your stadiums (stadia?) are the coolest, and I do like those angled grandstands.


Careful or google might unexpectedly cancel you.

Nice job. My brother lives in Tuscaloosa, but I don’t plan to make him one.


When do you sleep??



Two or three hours a night if I’m lucky…


Great work.


Don’t exaggerate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Geaux Tigers! Hahahahaha!

This post saddens me.:cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

Where is Big Al?

Have you set this file up to sell? I have a grandson going there next year and he would be ecstatic if I made him one of these. I don’t get my Glowforge until mid February, but just looking at ideas for when it does arrive. On first blush it looks too intircated to be able to be able to make any money selling the final product though.

RTR! My home state…:wink:

This and all of the stadium files I make are available for purchase.

They are all designed to use one sheet of material, and assemble in simple layers, for the most part. Only this and one other model, Lincoln Financial Field, have been assembled with minor mods made to the flat assembly, sanding an angle on the upper grandstand components for added dimension.

While they appear complex, the assembly is fairly straightforward. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in purchasing the file.

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Hi there! Do you have a file for Kroger Stadium (UK)?

Not currently, but after taking a quick look at it, I will be adding it to my list and making one soon.

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I would love to purchase once it is made!

I’m late to the party here, but do you have an online shop or Etsy shop to purchase these files? I’ve got several family members who would love a Bryant Denny stadium!

Please do Camp Randall! Very cool.

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Send them a private message. I did not see a link to Esty in their profile, but I thought they had sold files in the past.

(Also, Welcome to the community!)


Awesome, I’ll do that. Thanks for the response!!

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