Rollabind / ARC / Disc Binding


My first real contribution I hope.

I have been a fan of disk binding systems since they were older than many here. When I heard I was was getting a Glowforge as a gift one of my first thoughts was about how to cut the holes / slots/indentions with the GF.

Attached (hopefully) is a file that has correct on center and circular information for others to manipulate into their designs.


rollabind small (2.7 KB)


Thank you for the design! I think it belongs in Free Laser Designs, so if you don’t mind I’ll move it there. When you get one made, be sure to post it here.


I learned something today! I had never heard of disc binding before and checking Wikipedia enlightened me.


Very handy! I’ve got boxes of the things left over. :grinning::+1:


i had one of these on what i thought was a private amazon wishlist meant for work. but it wasn’t private and my mom saw the punch and bought one for me for my birthday. so thanks for this, i just got a box of disks last week and need to try it out.


Thank you for sharing your file!


I thought that the point of a wish list was that folks looking for what to get you for a birthday or whatever could know whaty you wanted.


i have 7-8 wishlists. i have one primary public wishlist. i have several private wishlists which are just a way for me to save things i want to look to purchase later. and one that’s private that i save gift ideas for my wife. i must have forgotten to make the work one private. was surprised my mom was trolling beyond the main one i sent her a link to.


interesting concept. Do you make your own disks as well? is there a reason for all the disconnected lines? I am always having some of them get disconnected in the GFUI and left behind so I made them all one shape here:



Thank you for doing that! I am lower than a rookie in vector drawing. Disks are purchased.