Roller Coasters and More Felt Fun


We are getting vinyl plank flooring put in our first floor. (Remembering in our last home that my husband scooted back his dining chair and scraped our barely down very expensive Congoleum … I decided to make the new flooring a bit safer).

I cut quite a few special sized 1/4" felt with adhesive to apply to furniture legs. Won’t bore you with all of them. Yesterday was a day of creating files and cutting them.

This is a set for the rollers on a computer chair … with felt and Thick Draftboard:

These coasters are for an antique sewing cabinet … with felt and Thick Draftboard:

This is an assortment of just felt for legs of a child’s table, two large sets for a TV stand’s legs, and a set for a recliner:



Clever idea!



Nice when you can fire up the :glowforge: for something as practical as this!



I’ve got to go buy some felt! :sunglasses::+1:



You are such a smart one! What a great idea to create with your GF. I was facing this same issue with our newly refinished floor last year, but it never even dawned on me to use the Glowforge.



The rollers on chairs are the worst … and the floor mats never last half as long as you think they will. I don’t need to fly across the room in my chair, just need to make sure it doesn’t dent my floor. :slight_smile:

I decided to cover all the bases … literally! Floor lamps, filing cabinet, rolling cabinets, chairs, sofas, chairs, tables … would have been easier to get rid of half of it! Did buy some felt pieces that satisfied some regular sizes and a lot of strips to handle some bookshelves, desk, etc. So thankful to have the Glowforge to handle the different needs.



Nice! And better than chair “socks” (yes, literally little socks without heels–can find at most Japanese stores). But suggest using some extra adhesive–I always find those pads coming off–but your design is great since you don’t need to glue them to the chair/furniture but to their new protector shoes!

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Great use of the Glowforge for practical solutions. Now if only you had something for guests with high heels or slippers for long nailed dogs that might visit. Enjoy your new floor.



Oh wow, what a great project! I love these practical ideas. Well done!



Excellent use of the cutting abilities of your laser!
Yeah, I know the pain you describe. A new bamboo kitchen floor, maybe a week old, and during a long dinner prep she brought a counter stool in to sit on which is normally on a carpeted floor. It was missing the plastic insert on the steel pipe that is the leg… :weary:



Oh no! Yes, a heartbreaking event to be sure.