Rolling Pin

Anyone have any ideas how to make a patterned rolling pin? Obviously the height is an issue so… Any ideas for a work around?

I think it’s been brought up before, but I think I’d try and use a hard-ish rubber that could be glued to the pin.


Okay, I’m just throwing stuff at the wall as I have as much experience making rolling pins with the GF as anyone, (none).

What about cutting a food safe rubber material and then wrap it around the pin? With some proper planning, you could even make it where you could not detect the seams.

Or, you could put 1/4 of a pin in at once (are you making the pin or just moding?) I don’t know how the GF software would handle this, though.

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Actually a rolling pin should fit in the forge, as long as you remove the honeycomb. Then you can do 1/6 to 1/4 of the pin at a time, rotating between cuts, and then aligning for the resume.

If the software isn’t set for resuming cuts, or doesn’t deal well with that on curved surfaces, on launch, then you break it up manually and align visually.


Yeah, I had thought about rubber, but I would need to compensate for the stretching from wrapping it around. But it’s a great idea!

Yeah, I was not sure as I don’t deal with a lot of rolling pins. But yes, if they can get the software to work with it or even if they don’t like you say we can break up a design in our software. I’ll probably make an indexer at some point.That would add a lot of versatility.

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im not so sure you would need to compensate for the stretch on the rubber. your cutting a flat image and rolling a flat image. it will look weird on the roller but it should be correct.

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Oh good thought! Hmmm… Im gonna have to test it out!

Might even work better

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Sounds like we have a possible attachment idea and software upgrade to handle a rotating cradle setup where the material would be rotated and etched/cut! Maybe by Christmas 2016! :slight_smile:

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Your theory would work if the end product would be curved as well. However, most rolling pins I’ve seen are used to create a flat, baked product ie: lefse, tortillas, pie dough (only the top crust would be visible) cookies.
Am I correct? Or am I missing something?