Romantic signage


My youngest brother is in his last year of high school and he wanted me to make something for the girl he intends to ask… I’d say that should be adequate and a definite yes

2.5 hr cut time on proofgrade draft board. I spray painted the text as well.



Beautiful work!!!
So I like how it doesn’t have a person’s name on it so if she says no, he can just give it to somebody else and they’ll be thrilled! :wink:


So you have experience with rejection do you, @Tom_A?


Me? Honestly, no. Every lovely young lady I attempted to fool around with, I fooled around with. Every beautiful girl I’ve wanted to date, I dated. I can’t say that every girl I wanted to marry, I married. But, that’s okay. I’m certain I married the right one. :slight_smile: I’ve been oddly lucky in my romantic life. Low-volume, but high-quality.


Wow! I thought Hugh Hefner died yesterday! lol So for your needs, you would have made the sign with a deep engrave of the girl’s name. And left off the question mark at the end. You have been more successful than most of us, that’s for sure. Although who you end up with at the end is what counts most of all. And I am fortunate in that respect, too. :smile:



Take the risks! What’s the worst that can happen?! It’s all about the confidence. I’m not saying that the confidence is real or anything. At least not in my case. There were many times when I thought “There’s no way this is going to work.” But I made my effort, feigning a hint confidence the entire time, and nobody has been more surprised than I at the results. :slight_smile:

Fact is, I’m below average height (5’7"), average looks and build. I’ve tried to make up for those by projecting confidence even when even I think it’s unwarranted. It also helps that I play piano and sing. (Both of which I do well-enough to get by.) But it really works! It sounds crazy, I know! But it totally works. Ultimate example is my wife was engaged to somebody else when we met. In fact, they even got married! I almost gave up. Heck, who wouldn’t?! But I didn’t. And we’ve been married for over 11 years now.


Hey, you’re just like Tom Cruise!


Dude… No need to be insulting. I’m pretty sure I’m relatively sane. :wink:


Yeah, that ought to do the trick! Great idea, and I wish him luck! :grinning:


…and the greatest of these is love.

We both admit we wouldn’t have appreciated each other if we’d have met years ago…the things that make us who we are… go figure! Ha!


Homecoming is one thing… let’s see if that works at Prom. :slight_smile:


My glob you are right… idk what he is going to do to one up this




“Fact is, I’m below average height (5’7”), average looks and build. I’ve tried to make up for those by projecting confidence even when even I think it’s unwarranted."

I love this. My man is the same way–5’7" in shoes, but, oh, when he stands on his sense of humor, he’s tall enough for me! (Doesn’t hurt that he’s the best dance lead I’ve ever danced with, either.)


We all know it’s the founders ruler that will really seal the deal!


Thank you for that hahaha


Stunning! Hope the asking went well. Love the founders ruler for scale.