Rose Cross

I am not a religious sort but plenty of family and friends who are. Cousin’s birthday this month and she is a fan of crosses so found a cool tattoo, made it into a vector with some tweaks and tada her present is done.


Nicely done! She’ll love it!

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Very nice. She’s going to love it!:grinning: How much time did that take?

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Beautifully done!!

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The actual glowforge part was like 32 minutes. Me getting the file ready a good deal longer as I am still pretty new doing them :wink:


I’ve found the education becomes rewarding when you think "oh, I know how to do that’.
With a wink toward @marmak3261, @Jules, @mpipes, @scatterbrains, @smcgathyfay and all of the experienced software and laser users who reach out to help! I love this place.