Rotary Counter


I’ve recently decided to stop selling my designs and instead give them away and accept donations on Patreon. As such I’ve recently gone through my online shop and reduced the prices to be free.

One of my more popular items was this counter. Available for download here:


What a lovely idea! Thanks for sharing the files…I’m sure you’ll drive a lot of traffic to your site. :grinning:


Thank you! Best of luck with Patreon.


Thank you, good luck.

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Ah figures! I was one who bought. That’s ok though. At least I could support you early. People drool over that and ask me how much to make one for them. Haven’t actually made any other than the one since it was a Christmas present with a dice tower.

Will be checking out your other items too!

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Sorry about that. I thought about people such as you when I decided to make this change. It sucks to know you paid for something when you could’ve gotten it for free. And it bothered me that this change would bother everyone who supported me early on the most. If you or anyone else feels too badly about paying for one of my designs, shoot me a DM and we’ll get a refund sorted out for you. In any case, thank you so much for your early support. You helped give me motivation on other projects (I have another one that I’ll be releasing soon that may work well as a follow up birthday gift that you gave the dice tower to) and helped validate the work I was doing. I’m glad the counter you made was received well :-). I’ve made quite a few as gifts to people as well.


No no, I wouldnt dream of a refund. If it supported an artist in anyway then its money well spent! My daughter is an artist as well so i greatly appreciate all the assistance she gets in promoting her art. I Completely understand and want you to keep going.


I would like to donate and get the rotary counter. Not sure how to send you a donation there.

How much were you selling it for before?

NVM. Donte on Patreon.

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Thanks Bill. I was selling the counter for $8 previously. I’m working on getting donating enabled through my site right now for one time donations as patreon is a subscription donation that donates each time I release a new pattern. I realize this isn’t for everyone so would like to provide additional options.

Edit: Squarespace apparently only allows a Donate button if you buy their expensive commerce plan. But I added a donate item in my store with a few options. You can set quantity to get exactly the amount you’d like to donate.


Done. Thank you!

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Thank you! You kind sir are my first donation. Let me know if you have any project requests. I can’t promise I can do it or do it in a timely fashion, but I’m always on the lookout for new ideas.

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