Rotary Engraving and Pass through

Two topics here.

Since the Glowforge does not support engraving on cups etc., which rotary engraver do you use for that?

How does the passthrough work. You have to move the material through and print screen by screen or does it have rollers?

Few people use the GF for rotary engraving, those that do most often have cut out the bottom of the machine.

Passthru just slides thru, you pull it manually step-by-step. It’s fully documented, with pictures, in the support pages. They also have a video on the official Glowforge YouTube channel.


With a max depth of 2 inches there isn’t much you can engrave on a rotary device anyway. Shot glasses are one option but not cups.


I have done a fair amount of shot glasses and spice bottles, but they were (a) all 2" or less and (b) somewhat square, did not rotate during engraving.

Someone did post a jig here you can make (on the GF) to actually rotate small-diameter objects under the head as it moves, but I never bothered with that.

For “regular-sized” objects, I just cut a mask on my vinyl cutter, and use a chemical etching solution.


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