Round Box - Free Design

When you upload the image you’ll see something like this in the message - actually exactly like this except that I added a don’t in front of the upload command so you can see the text link:
![Round%20Box%20Blank|20x11] (don’tupload://sBiVHrzergPL1TUxP1JXj9ZWxNd.svg)

That’s going to leave a very tiny picture & link - the 20x11 parameter.

The easiest way to make it bigger is to just add a 0 or two to each of the size parameters - so it would say 200x110 or
![Round%20Box%20Blank|200x110] (don’tupload://sBiVHrzergPL1TUxP1JXj9ZWxNd.svg)

which yields this:


A very nice box! Thank you so much for sharing. Welcome to the forum!

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thanks for sharing! I was looking to have a small parts box around the forge.

Could I scale this up to use 4mm material? I guess:

1/8" = 0.125 inch

0.125 inch = 3.175 mm

4mm = 0.157 inch

if I want to scale up to 4mm: 3.175mm x 1.26 =4.0005

So I’m going to take that design in illustrator and scale it up to 126%

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thanks again. I scaled it up to 126% for 4mm MDF.


That reminds me. I’ve got to change the filter in my shop vac.:wink:


Love that! Thanks for sharing!

I like this box. Going to have to try and make one sometime. It sort of reminds me of a hat box.:slight_smile:


Very Interesting and helpful. Thanks for the pointers. Don’t know why the default is that small.

Learning something every day. Thanks!

Fantastic! Thanks for the pic!

This little box has all sorts of possibilities.

FYI to all. The first prototypes of these were cut and finished a few days ago. My wife did the finish work.
The heart was done with Medium Cherry Ply, the round box with medium maple ply.

They were gifts to my surgeon and his assistant - and were very well received today at my checkup.

(BTW, I’m off work as I just got a shoulder replacement - hurts! Osteo-Arthritis sucks. But I’m back to work on Monday. I used the off time to get more familiar with the Glowforge, this forum, Inkscape and AutoCad. I’ve got many more months of therapy to go, but at least I’m getting my arm back to use in a few weeks…)



Thanks so much for all the info!!!

Looking forward to working with it.

Do the score lines that are the edge part just bend around ?

I mean ’ cut lines ’ sorry …

This post is 5 years old, so don’t be surprised if the OP doesn’t respond. I don’t fully understand your question regarding the cut lines. Are you asking about the living hinge section that forms the side?

Hello , yes …I guess I am trying to figure out how it bends like that ?

Very nice job!

It is called a “living hinge” and they are cuts. It allows the plywood to bend slightly in many locations without breaking (most of the time).

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The term ‘hinge’ is often misunderstood. These are not hinges that can be exercised regularly, the material will break. They work nicely for forming rounded shapes like the sides of storage containers as shown.

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