Round Box—Labor of Love

My dad is a traditional wood worker, and he loves to make boxes from different, interesting woods. I decided to make him a box, using the glowforge, for Christmas. I didn’t have any exotic wood, so I just used a combo of cherry and walnut to make things interesting. This is the first thing like this that’s I’ve made, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but I think the final result is rather charming. It’s finished with polycrylic. Took lots of finishing and sanding and finishing and sanding, but it has a nice smooth texture now. I left the inside a bit rough so that you can see a bit of the process of building the box.


The box is lovely, but I imagine knowing that you’re following in his footsteps - even if your tools are very different - will mean the world to him. Happy Yule!


Happy Yule to you, too! :evergreen_tree:


This is lovely - and clearly a lot of work went in it. He’s going to love how you wrote on it “this is Rachel’s first box”


Beautiful work! It’ll be a cherished gift, I’m sure.


Beautifully executed.

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That is really beautiful!

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Beautiful! I’m sure he’ll love it.

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Beautiful Piece!

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Lovely box whichI’m sure he will love and appreciate.


I am a traditional woodworker. Work looks fine. I would love to know how thick you were working with. Also, if possible consider staggering your layers for more strength. There are also some glowforge files out there for interlocking ring pieces. That is what I am going to look into soon.