Round box with company logo

A round living hinge box with inlay company logo for the office white elephant party.
6" diameter, baltic birch.

I started with this box on Thingiverse.

I shortented it and added an inlay to the lid. My first pass at the lid was a mess. I cut thin colored veneer to glue into an etched slot. First too little glue and it wouldn’t adhere to the burned wood then too much glue and I made a mess of it. In the end I just cut the logo out of the wood, painted it and glued it all back together on top of the lid support piece.

I’ve had nice results gluing thin leather as inlays. If anyone has tips on getting thin wood veneer inlays to work I’d love to hear them.


It came out great! I’d say it’s a lot better than a white elephant.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing your write up.


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very nice. Thanks for the share!

Nice job! Glue is the hardest part!