Round Mechanical Iris Box

Wow! This is inspirational!

Awesome. Complex, symmetric, artistic, and functional. This is a great showpiece of what Glowforge can do. Very cool. Great work!

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Fabulous! Reminds me of some of the puzzles in The Room (app game from Fireproof Games). I like the movement for the top as well as it opens as a “regular” box.

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You may already know - but there’s an Inkscape plug-in the exports to openscad format… might be quicker…and oh yeah, another Canuck

Hello friend Glowforge,
I try to realize a mechanism of opening similar to yours.
I made several attempts but I am not satisfied.
I will need your file for the mechanism and I will modify the rest.
Could you send it to me?

Thank you

Hi Antonin! Our forum guidelines ask people not to request that folks post free designs.