Round Mechanical Iris Box

Here is a round box that I made. It has a mechanical iris on the top, so you can open just the middle part if you want.

I wanted to make something that was not “square”. It has 64 sides, and each side is 2 layers. It was really difficult to put together. I had to cut extra pieces to hold things in place while I glued them.

You can see more of my stuff at:


Really fabulous stuff, dude. Also nice to see another Ontarian! (sorry, I snuck around your blog).


You don’t have to apologize for sneaking around my blog, that’s what it’s there for.

Are you located close to Ottawa?

This is the type of thing that really gets me excited. Unreal. What a beautiful piece. I can’t wait till I get off work to rifle through your blog.

Gorgeous! I’ve seen similar pieces online, but this is probably the most ornate one. This is the sort of thing I hope artists will contribute to the catalogue once it’s up and running.

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wow, that is beautiful!

Once I figure out how the catalog works, I’m hoping to contribute designs like these.


No sir! Though I tend to get up around there a couple of times a year; I’m down in London.

I love all your geek/gamer designs. I’d be a happy customer of yours!

I was lurking your most excellent blog the other day.
I have a couple of friends who have basically demanded i make some Warhammer40k stuff for them.

Would you mind making a blog entry detailing your work flow?
How you go from Sketchup through to Inkscape and then to the CNC?

This is incredible work. Posting in the office inspiration channel…


I’ve been asked that a few times in the past couple of months. I’ll see if I can find some time this weekend to put something together (perhaps an instructional video or two).


Cheers from Ottawa! Nice work I see on that blog!

Fantastic stuff and great blog! I am really looking forward to see more this kind of stuff when people start having their own Glowforges. Please, keep posting! I will stay tuned. :slight_smile:

I finally found some time in the past week to create some tutorial videos on my process. They are a little crude, since this is my first try at making videos like these, but I think it may help someone who is new at it. I use SketchUp and Inkscape to do my designs.

You can find them on my youtube channel at:

Currently I’m not using the GF as a cutter, since I don’t have one. Once I have my GF, I will update the videos to show how to use the GF instead.


subscribed. for sure. thanks

@polarbrainfreeze I really like the design of your hinges on the box in your most recent video.

@polarbrainfreeze This is seriously awesome, Ben. Thanks so much for making these.


Wow! Just read through your blog @polarbrainfreeze which has got me super excited to start lasering. The iris box is really beautiful.

These are fantastic, Ben! I subscribed, and will be rewatching the SketchUp and Inkscape ones repeatedly to learn the tricks you demonstrated! I also need to figure out how to get a separate trial version of SketchUp available to do the export with; the pro version price is definitely tough to swallow, even without factoring in the recent Glowforge purchase (and the exchange - I too am in Canada)!

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