Router circle cutting jig

My wife is making a bunch of signs, and we wanted an easy way to cut circles out of wood that are perfect. I have a Bosch 1HP router, so I just created this template that I could mount to the base. I don’t yet have a design on the pin I will use to secure the pivot point. You could easily do a pin through your workpiece, but I want to make something that just makes a dent, and not a hole. I will figure that out. I thought the design might be useful for others.

One other neat thing I learned, I could slow the laser down and create a recess for the screws, and then come back and cut out the screw holes smaller, so the heads sit down in the part. Worked like a champ.

Circle Cutting Router (3.7 KB) Circle Cutting Router (3.7 KB)


Check out this for a pivot point:,43000,43001


I don’t have a router but I still like your jig. I’m always a fan of the practical projects. Thanks for sharing!

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Well, that looks like a done deal! Ordering today!! Thank you.

Great use of the forge. And I do have a router soooo, it’s in the project bin. Thanks for sharing!

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Funny, I needed a circle cutting jig last weekend for a wood bending form. Looked at the examples online and said I can make that on the GF. Ended up making the form on my CNC and held off on the circle cutting jig for this coming weekend. Turned out to be a good decision. Thanks.

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Again thanks for the file. A couple notes. Each router manufacturer has a unique bolt pattern for attaching the jig. No big deal to change the bolt pattern. I rounded the slot at both ends and extended it to the end pivot point. Unless you had a very specific circle radius in mind the end cutout point isn’t used. When I downloaded the file the inch markers were way off on my computer. I suspect there is a difference between what your design program uses and my instance of Inkscape. But that doesn’t matter. The distance markers are not useful unless you use a specific diameter bit and have adjusted for that. If you use a 1/8 bit or a 1/4 bit the inside circle diameters will be different.

Here is a drawing of what I mean by extending the slot.


good update! The end hole was just for a nail to hang in the shop. :). The marks definitely need to be aligned to the bit, you are right.


This is just genius. Great job.

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It seems like if you made this with recessed screw holes… then making a pivot point that looks identical to the one that is mentioned out of a bolt and acrylic wouldn’t be hard. :slight_smile: you’ve done the hard work! Great job

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Great contribution. Thank you!

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You are absolutely awesome for this. I just went out and bought a router for my wife’s exact same situation and was about to sit down to design a jig myself. Just thought to myself that I should check the forum first. Again, you’re awesome and thanks for posting this!