Router stand

I got fixated yesterday and organized all the things connected to our router In a basket. Then I needed something the router could fit in so it wouldn’t fall over.

I made this on the glowforge with a piece of scrap plywood. I cut out 3 identical rectangles and then 2 from cast acrylic (for the right height). Once they were cut out I went about glueing, sanding and filling in missing areas with other random wood pieces (remember it was scrap). I painted it (now i would have used modgepodge) and then covered it rose gold leaf and made a base for it.

LOL like I said, fixated. But it turned out pretty cool and fancy! I would have liked it a bit taller and wider but it was just scrap wood.


Practical, frugal cut for organizing tech. Win!


From the thread title I was expecting a table for a rotary cutting tool, but this is cool too!


So much of language is totally nonsensical. I was thinking the same. I have a router table with the router dead and the screws rusted to keep me from removing it.

Drill, baby, drill!

LOL, exactly what I thought at first. I’m thinking. "geez a router table made out of proofgrade anything would be completely useless. My router table router is HEAVY. "

needed a chuckle on a Tuesday.

like when my IT friend needed to talk to CISCO, and the person helping him got SYSCO on the line.

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Ah my electronic friend. PB BLASTER penetrating oil i the product you need. put a little on every few days. you will be good to go.

my brother a former Marine Boat mechanic, used it religiously to free up salt water corroded bolts.

i personally used it to free up the bolts(as his suggestion) on a 40 year old roto tiller attachment that goes to my Grandfather’s 1969 Allis chalmers garden tractor. rebuit and new bearings and it will till anything.


I second that recommendation. I spray that on every nut and bolt when doing car work, even the ones I’m not planning to remove. It’s even better than Liquid Wrench.


Thank you

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Now that we resolved the rust problem, I would like to hear more about that rose gold leaf. That looks like a nice treatment. Does that come as some kind of a foil? Is it difficult to work with? How does it adhere?

Picture worth a thousands words


@drvegetable first time working with it. Wish I would have watched the video first! Below is the link of what I ordered.