Routine Maintenance/Cleaning Question

I was searching in the wrong area for the information I was looking for!
Thank’s everybody, just the typical user error.

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering what you all do on a regular basis to keep your Glowforge clean and working as it should. I’ve noticed my tube has become slightly filmy (as well as the lid). Is this all normal with regular usage? Or should I somehow be cleaning /maintenance the tube?

Also, what other parts should I be regularly cleaning and any specific do’s and don’t?
I would say 90% of what I use my machine for is acrylic cutting (occasionally small wood cuts).

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It’s documented in the support section, cryptically under the Cleaning, service and moving category.

The condition of the outside of your tube and the lid are not important. The condition of the lens, windows and mirror as well as your fans are very important. I suggest you read through the “Cleaning and Maintenance” section of the Glowforge home page under Support.

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Okay, Thank you! I didn’t realize this was a page on the home screen. I was frantically searching through the community.

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Thank you!!

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