Rowmark laserable plastic for chalk or dry erase

Got this email today, in case anyone is interested in Rowmark laserable plastic that you can use chalk or dry erase on. There’s a link for free samples at the end.


Mask Group 11@3x

The laserable plastic you can write on!

Message Board

Rowmark’s Message Board…the ideal product for back-to-school!

Rowmark’s Message Board products are lightweight, durable, and can be written on over and over with either a dry erase marker or chalk! Message Board can be cut into any shape with a laser engraver and is perfect for classrooms, restaurants, board rooms, or anywhere customers are looking for a unique, personalized writing surface.

  • Designed for use with standard chalk or dry erase markers
  • Single-ply acrylic with specialty, markable surface finish
  • Perfect for classrooms, restaurants, special events, and retail

Message Board is available ONLY through Authorized Rowmark Distributors worldwide. Check below to find a distributor near you!

Find Your Rowmark Distributor Here!

Check out our video below to learn more!
Message Board video

Visit to view our complete line of products and colors.

Send Me Message Board Samples!


Great, thanks for looking out. I hit them for a sample.


Thanks, me too!


Thanks. I’ve bookmarked this.


Woah, cool product development! It is cool to see material supplies branch out with the development of the consumer-based laser cutting market.

I remember the same thing happened with the glass colors available for borosilicate lampworkers, once pipe makers really started creating works of art instead of simple pipes. So much money flooded into that market that it finally made it profitable to put R&D into developing new colors no one else had. This, along with their laserable faux leather are some pretty innovative ideas!


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