Rowmark's New Product line - The Naturals



I just got an email from Rowmark. They have a new product line out that looks pretty awesome! I just requested a sample kit.


Assuming the line across the plastic swath is what color shows when scored?

definite bookmark for outdoor signage.


Engraved or scored. Yes.


Does anyone have a pricing sheet that they can post for some typical Rowmark products?


I’ve never bought directly from them. They have a list of distributors on there site. I’ve used Johnson’s Plastics.


Thank you !!


Thanks. I found a JP in northern IL


I’ve never requested samples before. Did you have to actually ask for a sample of each of these items (TN9X20442, TN9X2-424, etc…) or do you just request samples from the Naturals Product line?

I’d like to request a bunch of samples from them, but I’d prefer to be able to ask intelligently about it.


Direct from them @julybighouse . Happy trails



I’ve requested a sample from them before. I filled out the form and said I have a laser cutter and wanted some general samples.

For this product line, there was a link in the email I got to request samples.



Thanks @brokendrum and @joe. I’ve sent them an email asking for some samples and I’ll see what comes of the request. It just seems weird that a random person can request free samples to be mailed to them. I’ve never done it before, so this is kind of exciting!


Great to see these, and thanks for sharing.


Samples came in. They look nice! Smaller than I was expecting, but can’t complain about free samples!


I just got my samples as well! I’m quite happy with how they look, but I haven’t come up with a good project to use their stuff quite yet. But I will be ordering from them later once I have something to use it on.