RPG Tokens

Finally warmed up in South Dakota (29 degrees) today! So, I broke out the 'forge.

We use all sorts of tokens for our RPG games (D&D, Savage Worlds, Hero System, etc). So, I made up some tokens for the game table. The tokens have the symbols cut all the way through so that they can be flipped over for unconscious enemies. Also, the numbers are dual purpose for facing purposes. Torches and lanterns for the players, and a few extra campfires too.

Sadly, they take 2 hours to cut.


Wow, that is a packed board! Have fun weeding. :laughing:


Yeah, it sucks :wink:

Great use of full sheet. Love the idea of extra tokens for DND.


I agree with @djroz; great way to use all of your product. The cut lines look clean and I’m sure they will be very useful during games.

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Thanks! Took a bit of finagling. I started to run out of ideas of what to do. I was thinking of some tables/bookcases/etc on the right hand side, but I need to see how they’d look on the game mat.