Rubber Band Gun SVG

Here is my rubber band gun made with my new Glowforge, including svg file for you all to use and abuse. Made with 1/8" proof grade acrylic and maple plywood. Requires 1/2" long 4-40 pan head bolts, washers, and nuts. You will also need a small hair band and some rubber bands to shoot as ammo! Instructions and svg are on my blog at:


Thanks for the file share!

Thank you.

Very cool! :grinning:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

Beatable! Thank you for sharing your work.

Jay, when I click on the link for the SVG file (on your Blog Site) a new page opens in my browser with the rubber band gun depicted as line art – but no SVG file. Can you fix that?

This post is several years old, but when I follow the link and click I get the following svg:

Jay (and dklgood), never mind. I realized I needed to right click on the link and save it (my bad)…

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I think that the trick is to right click the link, and choose Save Link
As… and it will download the SVG

I posted another in this thread.


You are correct, sir! Within minutes of emailing you I figured that out. Thanks, though, for following up with me! Cool rubber band gun, by the way…