Rubber bike tube material



Saw these bracelets recently, and noticed they are cut from bicycle innertubes. Pretty cool, It makes me wonder what else could be made with the stuff.


That’s really cool! I wouldn’t have thought you could laser that, but it looks like you can. Could be a really cool medium! I bet it stinks terrible.


My brother has been an avid cyclist all his life and has worked in many bike shops. He uses recycled innertubes for all types of things. He makes jewelry and earrings from them, but also uses them with leather projects for interior flexible sections:


That’s cool!

I’d have to opt for new tubes to do something like this. I’m an avid cyclist and usually by the time Im done with a tube, it has too many patches in it to have enough obstruction free length for something like this :slight_smile:


Yeah, working at a bike shop has its perks =P. I think most of his bikes are tubeless these days