Rubber Book/Reading Incentive Stamp

Hi Everyone! Decided to try something a little different, and came across this tutorial on rubber stamps. So I got some of the rubber they recommended, designed up a small book stamp (that I’ll be experimenting with for some sort of reading incentive), and gave it a go.

I did use the settings the tutorial recommended, but only did one pass instead of 3…as I watched it, it seemed deep enough and I thought three might have ended up burning all the way through. Then I took a piece of Thick Clear Acrylic and reverse-etched the image there, then painted it before peeling the masking off. Super glue worked to bond the rubber to the block, the top of the block is smooth and the etching sandwiched between the acrylic and the rubber. Could easily NOT engrave the acrylic block and use double stick tape for changeability. The detail of the finished stamp is really quite phenomenal, in my limited experience with rubber stamps.

It was a fun side quest that worked out and will likely lead to more, we’ll see. Thanks for taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Looks great! I’m always up for a rubber stamp. Yours came out very clean and crisp.


Great job! I love making rubber stamps!


Turned out great!

I used to have literally over a thousand dollars worth of rubber stamps. I gave them all to my daughter. Wish I would have had a GF back then, as I used to love the acrylic blocks to use my stamps with. I even took all the stamps off the wooden blocks they came on. I also used to carve my own from rubber sheets, which, of course, didn’t give me the clean, crisp details I really wanted, and which the GF can now do. Going to have to get me some rubber and make me some more!


This really is a fun project to do on the Glowforge. I now have a ton of ideas for making some stamps. Excited to get started! :slightly_smiling_face:


This turned out great! I’ve been wanting to try the stamp feature but haven’t been brave enough to try :sweat_smile:

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Very nice, I may have to make some for my wife for her scrapbooking.


Excellent turn-out!
I am buried in purchased stamps, but still like to do an occasional one on the Glowforge.