Rubber seal on front door

It’s been a little while since I’ve heard back from you. I wanted to check in and see if you’ve had a chance to run the test @rpegg described?

No I have been busy with the fourth but hope to do it this week end.

Here are videos of the positive air flow coming out of the Glowforge. I also noticed it coming out of the rear of the machine. The test was run as rpegg suggested 1000 speed @ 1 power near the front of the machine.

The movies are too big I will put them on Facebook
Here is one that works

Here are facebook links

I have posted videos of the problem. I have ordered an 100cfm in line fan to see if that will help.

Have you visually inspected the exhaust port with the hose off?
Just yesterday I had to clean the fan grill that gets restricted by particle accumulation because I noticed smoke coming out of the sides of the front door. The grill was clogged. This is going to be a regular part of our machine’s maintenance. After extended use the grill will need cleaning. I have had to do this twice, and it solves the problem.
I poked a small bottle brush through each of the holes in the fan grill to break loose the buildup, which is essentially ash, so it comes right off. At this point you can just reconnect the exhaust hose and the next time you print, the fan will blow what has been loosened right out.


I have checked and cleaned the grill on the back and made sure the fan was working. I have gone out side to make sure dryer vent was opening and exhaust was coming out. I will try the bottle brush method later today. Thank you for your input.

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Problem Solved !!! I had vacuumed the back exhaust many times but did not use a bottle brush on the grid as just suggested this time I did that and got out a lot of ash from the back. Now there is no more positive air flow and an inflow in the back of the machine. Thank you to all who helped with input.


Excellent! :+1:
That grill is a redundant safety feature IMO, since there will almost always be a vent tube attached.
It’s a reflection of the liability of an unguarded fan. Removing that grill will be my first mod when my warranty turns into a pumpkin. That will all but eliminate the problem, and give me easy access to the fan for cleaning.



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I agree there should have been a removable panel on the side for access to this and also the heat sink just in front of the fan that also gets covered in ash. This could be one cause of overheating of the unit. A dirty heat sink does not disparate the heat correctly.


Thanks for the tip @PrintToLaser. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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