Rubber Stamp Mode

A quick question: Will the Glowforge have a Rubber Stamp cutting mode - where the edges of the cuts are slightly sloped to give fine detail extra strength?


This is a great question! I am curious about this too! I was planning on making stamps too!

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I assume this should be do-able, given that they are positioning the Glowforge as a “3D laser cutter”.

We haven’t seen any 3D engravings/cuts from the glowforge yet, but their marketing & discussions in the forum imply that this is do-able thanks to the camera that continuously re-focuses to determine “depth” during cuts/engraves.

I can’t wait to see 3-dimensional engraves from the Glowforge using a “grayscale” vector input file!

@dan I would love to see this during one of your upcoming live google hangouts! Perhaps you could ask the community for a test grayscale vector file to cut!



I’m also looking forward to 3D engraving and would love to see this as a demo in the near future.

I’ll put it on the wishlist. The software team is focused (pun, sorry) on moving the core functionality from “demo” to “solid” mode right now, so I don’t expect to have new demo stuff come online soon. That’s a big project but it provides a solid basis for everything to come.


Thanks Dan.
This would be a hugely useful addition as I know that a lot of people will want to cut stamps.

Sorry - we’ll definitely do stamps. Demoing it in the near future is the part that’s on the wishlist. :smile:


Woohoo for rubber stamp mode!