Rubber stamp textured

Hi everyone,
I’m making rubber stamps and have had some success however, is there a way to get rid of the texture that shows up in the background? It’s from the laser etching process but is there a way to “design around” it?
IMG_1855.pdf (280.7 KB)

Maybe increase the lpi or defocus the engrave. Post a picture of what you are seeing and the community might be able to offer more helpful suggestions.


thanks just posted the photo

You might be able to make one more engrave pass with the laser defocussed to smooth that out.


The background doesn’t affect the performance of the stamp does it? It seems you just don’t like the appearance. If so, defocus and slow your speed on a final pass to smooth it out.


What is laser defocussed? I haven’t heard that term before.

Typically it does not ie: ink on paper however, I’m using it clay so any texture will show.

To defocus, you enter a manual focus height markedly different than the actual height. For instance, to defocus 1/8" material, you would enter a focus height of 1/4" so the laser beam would be out of focus. The manual setting overrides the auto focus.

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thanks! I’ll give it a try