Rubber Stamps on a Glowforge

I’m about to quit this project but thought I’d ask here for help before giving up entirely. I have watched no less than ten videos on how to make an ink stamp file in order to reverse engrave a rubber stamp the proper way.

No matter how many times I try, I wind up with a graphic that does not show up as “artwork” in the Glowforge print area. I feel like my fatal flaw is in the creation of the background step, and how to merge the two files I’ve created in Inkscape. I don’t have all my beans in one basket!
I’m a newb here and would love to know what magic step I’ve missed-- I absolutely cannot justify ordering from Vistaprint when I have a Glowforge RIGHT HERE and laser-safe sheets of rubber. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Do you have pictures of your issue to share?

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Can you share a screenshot? Or the artwork?

Two frequent non-file-related reasons for “no artwork” errors are not selecting a material and having artwork outside the printable boundaries, so eliminate those before blaming your file. :slight_smile:

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This might help.


What s/w are you using to create the file? Or can you try running GF app in another browser? On occassion “updates” can affect performance for a while, and you may need to switch–I had issues recently with a new pdf file loading, even though older ones did…

Or if you’re seeing part of the file, but not all, if you’ve created the text, and then reversed it so it’s a jpeg, you must IMPORT that into Inkscape file with the area outline SVG…

Tutorial covered the step I was missing! It was definitely me, not my file, haha. Thank you all for the swift replies!

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