Rubber wood and Wooden garage door manufacturers

Has anyone cut rubber wood on their glowforge? If so what settings? Also If you have a wooden garage door manufacturer in your neighbourhood, run don’t walk. We have one that throws away 1/8, 1/4 inch in 4"x8" sheets and less in every kind of wood including rubber wood. They get it shipped on their pallets but can’t use it. So ours said I can have whatever I want for free and they will cut it down to size for free (obviously I will gift them with artwork along the way as long as other perks) We even told them they should sell in glowforge sizes, but they weren’t interested. Just wanted to share!


I would be curious to learn the answer to this as well…never even thought of lasering rubber wood…hmmm.

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TIL that rubber wood is not made of rubber. Huh!


Folks have asked before, but not a lot of solid answers on cutting…but this on engraving may get you started

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Thanks for this info!

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