Run multiple Glowforge machines at once

Hi All. I have a Glowforge Plus and just recently purchased a Pro. Is it possible to run both machines at the same time through a single account, or would I have to create a new account for the Pro?

Yes you can run both on the same account. You just need to open a second tab on the internet and choose your second machine on the site, then your good to go. Just flip back and fourth.


Hey cool. Definitely apply for the passthrough beta if you haven’t already.

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How do i go about that? And silly question, but what is the passthrough beta? I keep seeing it pop up in the forum.

You should read those threads for sure. Just search for passthrough beta.

Basically it’s how you apply to get the test version of the automatic passthrough software enabled. It’ll let you take advantage of your pro to cut large pieces.


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