Running multiple machines at different locations

So my business partner and I both have a glowforge basic at two different physical locations. We would like to be able to send jobs from either location to either machine depending on the need. Does anyone know if this is possible? Would we have to just log in with the others account to see the other machine or is there a way to add the opposite person’s machine to each of our accounts? Or would it be better to add both machines to a new account? If that’s the best option, can we both be logged into it at the same time from different locations? And how would we move machines from our own personal account to a new one? Sorry for all the questions, but I know you will all have the solution I need!

I’m not certain, but it seems like this should be possible – and may in fact be one of the advantages of the cloud-based setup Glowforges use.

I’d suggest you and your business partner each use your own Glowforge account. And you add both Glowforges to each of your accounts.

Once the GF is online, you can in theory print to it from anywhere – although of course you need someone there to push the magic button :slight_smile:

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You can add authorized users to your account. I’m an authorized user at my local library, and I can communicate with the machine there. Just yesterday when I logged in, I could see the library was cutting something…not on purpose, for some reason whenever I clear my browsing history, the library’s machine pops up as my default machine.

When you’re in your dashboard, you can click on the name of the machine, and it will have an add user button. Then you can add your partner and then your machine will pop up in their account after they accept the invite. And vice versa.

FYI, you cannot see what they load into their dashboard. You will have your dashboard and can choose their machine to cut your project.


Add each of you as a user to the other account.
You will both be able to use both machines

I don’t quite do this because I’m at one location, but I do use two machines from two different browsers which is basically the same thing.

You don’t need to “move” machines to other accounts.


Here is how we do it:

We use Splashtop to remote the Computer in are other office.
So that takes about 20 seconds to get on the other computer.
We than use the WIFI button pusher to start the Machine .
We use a camera to watch the GlowForge ,

This allows me to have two Glowforge running at the same time .


Great idea!

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