Rust-oleum Metal Marking Spray- Is it safe to use & has anyone tried it?

Hello! We recently got our GlowForge and we are still learning how everything works. We got a request to engrave stainless steel flasks. We would like to get started this week, but we do not have any CerMark Spray, and the earliest time it can be shipped to us would be Tuesday. Has anyone tried to use or know anything about using Rust-oleum Metal Marking Spray? Also if anyone knows of any readily available Metal Marking sprays, that would be greatly appreciated. We do not want to do anything that could potentially damage our machine, so any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

You’d be the first. Can’t find any such product on their web site.

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While Rust-oleum Marking Spray can be used on metal, it’s normally used on parking lots, grass, etc., and is not the same thing as Cermark, et. al. (as far as I can tell – I could be completely wrong).

There’s a lot of info in the forum about using Dry Moly Lube as a stand-in. I’ve had good results, but testing is an absolute must. The odds of getting it perfect on the first try is virtually nil.

Good luck!


Thank you!

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Thank you for your response!


Used Dry Moly Lube today for the first time. It has been sitting on my shelf, I think for close to a year. It worked wonderfully.



Thank you! We will try that!

As @Pearl said, the dry moly lube works great, I use its all the time. Spray 3-4 light coats allowing it to dry 10-20 minutes between coats. Test on one first to get the right settings.
The settings I use are 100/150/340 but yours may be different.


I wasn’t sure if we could discuss settings here.

Yesterday I sprayed one coat. Let it dry for 20 minutes and used speed 150, full power (basic), 450 LPI. Was very happy with my results. Was marking stainless steel washers. Initially wiped down with a baby wipe and then rubbing alcohol.

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Good deal. I love the stuff and it is way more affordable than the Ceramark.

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