Rustic family name sign


Thought I would take a whack at a sign for my parents 59th wedding anniversary, Found some old wood from a local trestle bridge and went at it. Took a bit of testing on settings as this is not “proof grade”, at least I could not find any stickers. :slight_smile:

Fairly pleased, but going to make some more with different arrangements on the next ones. I left room on the bottom board so I could remove it and add names as more great grandkids come along.



Really like that you did their name with the other wood … Looks great!


It’s a real family tree! Fantastic! :grinning:


Excellent choice of wood!


Wow, this is amazing! The contrasting woods and engraving are perfect for this application.


Thanks for the comments. I am thinking the next one will have the large contrasting last name in the middle with all the names around it rather than a top-down design. Also thinking about putting stand offs on the last/family name to make it “float.” Also might throw it in Photoshop and see how it looks with different stains on the family/last name. Faster than making a new sign. :slight_smile: