S-Hooks for PPE masks

Given to me through the Glowforge User Page on Facebook.

Use as you will and donate to local caregivers please!

s-hook–3 inches-63nested.pdf (134.5 KB)

s hook for masks.pdf (388.5 KB)


Welcome and thank you.

Welcome to the group, Thank You for sharing.

How are these used?

Use the hook instead of ears. I’ll find a pic.Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 3.10.14 PM

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I have seen some pictures of some health care workers with bloody ears from wearing masks all the time. These should help a little bit.

Nice. Acrylic seems like a good material choice?

It is much easier for them to sanitize as well.

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Much appreciated, the people where I work will be singing your praises forever!

Seems like a great option! Thank you for posting!

Thank you! I just asked a nurse friend if she and her colleges could use something like this and she said, and I quote, “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Our ears are raw!!!” I’m sitting down right now to cut a sheet of these to send her.

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56 hooks ready for weeding. My friend is ecstatic. Thanks for the file!


Great. Some have suggested letting the end user weed their own.

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It will give me something to do while watching TV tonight.

I would just unmask that whole sheet before cutting.

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How big do you cut the acrylic sheets? I have a 4’x8’ sheet of acrylic


almost. i’ve been unmasking the top layer and leaving the bottom. that way you still avoid flashback, but only have to weed one side.