S-Hooks - My GF thinks it is only ever going to make S-Hooks from now on

After posting my youtube video last night we have had people ordering them from as far away as Indiana - I couldn’t find anyone local for her so charged her postage only.


We stopped engraving to speed up production (and make less places for germs to live) and now we are working through the night to make an order of 500 from the local hospital. Just ordered 50 more sheets of Acrylic - hoping that GF store doesn’t run out…


I know the feeling, I printed 400 or more yesterday (stopped counting!).


Also check out Amanda Leavitt’s Cerulean Tides website. She’s a GF owner and sells acrylic (FL). Look for the FB group Smokey Tides. She ships fast, it’s great acrylic and costs less than PG.

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