Sacred geometry


I have been fascinated by sacred geometry for a long time. It was peaked recently when watching an episode of “The Curse of Oak Island”. Here’s a cool video explaining how the forms are obtained. I want to make some of these on the Glowforge.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 29th, 2017

Interesting. Geometry is fascinating. Golden ratio and finbonacci sequence also come to mind. Although they lost me at the end with the crop circles bit


Here’s a site that sells jewelry based on some of these geometric shapes. Very reasonably priced.


I am trying to figure how to make 3D versions of them.Maybe I could use slicer with inlaid colored acrylic sections.


How funny … I was just talking to a friend about this idea this morning!


Overlapping circles make some pretty designs, I am not sure how they are trying to link anything about physics or the bible to it though. lol.


Pseudoscience is always worth some time for a laugh. And tends to make for entertainment as you try to uncover precisely where the circular logic finally loops back.


Thank you for this. Always glad to see this and be reminded.:slight_smile: