Sad cautionary tale about hazardous materials

A story about an artist who was unexpectedly harmed by her chosen medium. Be warned, it’s sad and dark. Be careful with what you laser and use good safety gear:l.


Thank you for sharing this important article.


Sad story. That’s a good reminder.


A profound and sad outcome. I just last night finished watching a Netflix video called ‘Afflicted’. The entire thing was about a group of people who suffer from autoimmune diseases…toxic stuff in their bodies…and also people who are challenged by electromagnetic forces…and their day to day sufferings and searches for cures. At first, I didn’t think I wanted to bother watching it, but I found it very informative and fascinating in a sad way.


+Afflicted+ gets a lot of criticism from the scientific community. Rightfully so, too. I’d take what was presented with a really heavy grain of salt. “I have this super strong chemical sensitivity, let me go pump this gas without a mask” sort of indicates a psychosomatic issue and there has never been a case of electromagnetic sensitivity that hasn’t boiled down to a mental issue. I think +Better Call Saul+ captured that well.

With that said, I am really wary of some of the stenches that the GF can potentially expose me to. I really really don’t like the “holy cow! I just walked into a nail salon and they dumped a bucket of polish!” stench that rises from cut acrylic, for example.

Always pay attention to the material warnings, certainly! And ventilation, ventilation, ventilation.


I appreciate your different perspective on that film. I have no knowledge at all about such things, so I’m a blank slate. Even if some of those things boil down to mental issues, it’s still a pretty pathetic existence and a terrible trial for those left to help care for them.

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Mental illness is awful, comes in many forms, and humanity is generally very ill equipped to treat such with the dignity, respect, and seriousness that it deserves!

Sadly, there are a lot of amoral folk out there that profit from our tendency to trust and from peddling fear!

While a bit sarcastic in nature, I find Rational Wiki to be a decent source for debunking the claims of woo peddlers of all sorts.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Pew! Pew! Pew! discussion :wink:


The problem with psychosomatic symptoms is that one group doesn’t get how such a thing is even possible and another tends to write them off with “it’s all in their head”, the second group is closer but they forget that the head and the brain are still part of the body. psychosomatic illness needs to be treated differently than other diseases but still may need treatment. A headache or nausea from psychosomatic illness is just as real to the one suffering it as to someone who has the symptoms from a more “legitimate” source.


Ouch. I’m glad she figured out what the cause was - though I did shake my head at “I only use natural materials”. Gah! A lot of things found in nature are toxic (even if, in this case, that wasn’t her issue)

Sadly there are no MSDS for “this shell I found” :-/


It was an all-natural rattlesnake.

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